Make sure that you take  pictures in different modes and settings so you get familiar with your camera when really needed 

Back home or in the studio you might find this useful too. 


While going out make notes of the settings you have used. 

This allows you to have a good understanding what you have done and what setting you have used for the best result.


   Try to use your build-in flash or a flashgun even when you don't really think you need it. 

You will find that this can work really well and will highlight the object you want to capture. 

 Camera: Sony Alpha  Camera: Sony Alpha  Camera: Sony Alpha   Camera: Sony Alpha
 Lens: 75-300mm  Lens: 75-300mm  Lens: 35-85mm  Lens: 75-300mm
 Location: Surrey - UK  Location: Surrey-UK  Location: Surrey-UK  Location: Warwick-UK
 Time: August 2008  Time: October 2008  Time: August 2008  Time: January 2008 

 Camera: Sony Alpha  Camera: Panasonic FZ18  Camera: Konica (Compact)  Camera: Sony Alpha
 Lens: 75-300mm  Lens: Optical Zoom  Lens: Optical zoom  Lens: 75-300mm
 Location: Surrey - UK  Location: Italy  Location: Surrey - UK  Location: Surrey - UK 
 Time: August 2008  Time: July 2008   Time: July 2008  Time: March 2008

 Camera: Sony Alpha  Camera: Sony Alpha  Camera: Sony Alpha   Camera: Panasonic FZ18
 Lens: 75-300mm  Lens: 28-85mm  Lens: 75-300mm  Lens: Optical Zoom
 Location: Surrey -UK  Location: Rosslare-Ireland  Location: Surrey - UK  Location: North - Holland 
 Time: November 2008  Time: March 2008   Time: July 2008  Time: July 2008


Please be aware that the used pictures can have copyrights and are not mend to be used without approval. 

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